Church steps back into spotlight with new album

Eric Church, a respected country star, has a different way of singing his tunes.  Church has five albums starting in 2006. This new album “The Outsiders”, released Feb. 11, has 12 brand new songs.  One of the most recent songs of which is only available with the purchase of the album.

In the album, an array of different song types were developed.  Five out of these 12 songs are slower.  These have a slower melody, which tug at your heartstrings.  The other songs are more upbeat and rock country music.

This album has varied country tempo music with an Eric Church twist to it.  His singing style is consistent and nobody else can match him. He has shown this in his last five albums released and is still going. He has strayed away from his young self and is now the Eric Church we know today.

“The Outsiders” most well know song is “Give Me Back My Hometown” and is frankly, my favorite song from the album.  It contains a variety of fast and slow tempos to capture the listener.  It is a catchy song that will have you humming along throughout the day.  You will be wanting more after you hear it the first time.

After listening to the songs on the album one really stood out to me.  This song was “Talladega” because it tells a story while spreading musical flawlessness.  The slow tempo gives the listener the keen ear for listening to the words that are being sung.

Another song on the album equally as exciting is “Roller Coaster Ride.”  This sparks my interest because of its nice beat, something that every can tap their foot to.  If you like roller coasters then you will love this song.  Through this song Church describes a literal roller coaster ride.

I have no doubt that this album will bring Eric Church a lot of awards and a chance to better his career.  I don’t think that this will be his last and I hope that he will keep making these types of albums.