The Croods proves to be sensational

“Release the baby!” the Croods is a Dreamworks masterpiece of cavemen proportions! The motion picture is comedic gold wrapped up in animal fur and deep fried in dinosaur egg. The box office smash was a hit in both 3d and regular. With children swarming at the door to get a good seat the theaters could almost be warm with the collective excitedly warm breath  from man and child alike.

This magnificent example of the human condition exemplifies the innate curiosity that becomes restricted by fear through a metaphor of cavemen discovering a new word. The resourcefulness and intellect of the mind is bottled up and sold by the film slides.

And I haven’t even mentioned all the awe inspiring colors and detail detail dedicated to everything from the trees to the whiskers of the strikingly beautiful tiger mix. with every “new” creature seen the ingenuity behind their design is more and more apparent. I mean there was an elephant mouse for goodness sakes! It was cute and small with a ferociously loud trunk. There were turtles with wings that soared through the brilliant blue sky.

With this dynamic topped off with the likes of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds its easy to see what all the excitement was about although my favorite character had no real speaking parts. His name was Belt and he only made noises with his mouth when instructed his beautiful eyes were instrumental in his communication.

But a close second would definitely be Guy. With his overly excitable mind and genius by the times standards he can maneuver the new and deteriorating landscape with a semblance of ease.

With all of this taken into consideration plus my absolute love of animation its not hard to guess how many stars Id give. Plus when I went I saw it in 3D and that was completely worth the extra money. The graphics were fantastic and the snow flakes practically touched my nose. 5 out of 5 stars.