‘The Following’ features serial killing professor

Dr. Joe Carroll, English professor and fan of the twisted poet Edgar Allen Poe has a side hobby of serial killing. He is on the hunt for his biggest loss as far as kills go for the one that got away, Sarah Fuller. Her escape is by no means acceptable to Dr. Carroll.

With a following that no one can fully comprehend, Carroll, whether dead or alive, is virtually unstoppable. The only one who can catch him is FBI agent Ryan Hardy. Hardy has been out of the field after he was stabbed by Carroll while trying to stop him during his attack on Sarah Fuller the first time.

This show is an intensified version of “The Mentalist” and “Castle,” combining the revenge driven Patrick Jane and the author Richard Castle into the clever and captivating character of Ryan Hardy.

“The Following” presents everyday villains such as best friends and next door neighbors, which makes you wonder who can you trust?

Although “The Following” is mentally exhausting with its multiple murders and numerous psychotic followers with blood-stained hands, it is brilliantly created with its movie-like qualities and dynamic use of characters.