Pro Incase Review


Used to have: Otterbox Defender

Now: Pro Incase Slider

Drop your iPhone on the ground? Throw it off the side of the Grand Canyon? Chunk Siri at your best friend’s face?

“It’s okay, I have an Otterbox”!

The Otterbox Defender case is great if you plan on using your iPhone as a weapon, bullet proof shield, or surviving nuclear warfare, but it totally takes away some of the accessibility and aesthetic beauty that is the iPhone. That, and I also needed a smaller, more discrete case, so I could get away with carrying it around at work.

On the other hand, the Otterbox Defender case has too many issues from each individual case to another. It seemed that only after a couple of uses the case’s skin tips or becomes too loose to cling to the rest of it.  So I bought a new one: The Pro Incase Slider (for the iPhones 4 and 4s), and I am quite pleased.

This specific case is available in black on white, black on black, blue on black, and pink on white.

Admittedly, with this case I am definetly not as okay with purposely dropping or abusing my phone, but it does offer substantial protection. The majority of the case is all hard plastic, but the big bonus is the rubber bumper that wraps around the entire edge. This bumper provides a really good grip on the slim case and also serves as an absorber to shocks and bumps.

The inside of the case also has additional shock absorbing pads, and the front of the case wraps around the front of your phone making bumpers in case you happen to drop it flat on its face.

Unfortunately, this case does not protect any of the input jacks such as where your usb cable goes or the headphone jack.  Also, the screen is uncovered and so is the camera.  However, this is an advantage to not having anything covering the camera because all of your pictures comes out undistorted.

One thing that took a minute to get used to was how the case covers up the sleep/wake and volume buttons.  The rubber that covers around the bumper is a harder sort, so when you go to press the button you don’t actually feel the button press in.  It becomes a lot more touch-sensitive.

Overall I am very happy with the Pro Incase Slider, but if you really are worried about your phone getting hit by a nuclear warhead anytime soon, go back to your Otter Box.