Keeping Springdale Fed

While society is caught up in social distancing themselves, others are working hard to keep Springdale nourished and well fed. District faculty and transportation workers have helped students in need with sack lunches and breakfast. A good portion of students in our district rely on school lunches for food on a daily basis. Being on a nationwide quarantine means these kids won’t have the access they usually have for food. In an attempt to resolve this issue, the Springdale School District has devised a solution. 

“Meals are being provided for all students in all of our schools,” Schaeffer said, “They are being distributed at seven of our schools and several stops around Springdale.”

According to Central Junior High teacher, Allyson Bailey, bus drivers and administration are playing a big role in the distribution of the food to different neighborhoods. Central EAST and ETE students have also assisted by building a food pantry outside of Central for the community to use as they wish. 

According to Schaeffer, the Springdale Nutrition Program isn’t going on spring break with the rest of the district, it will continue to put both breakfast and lunch on students’ tables.

“They will be offered until we are in classes again, which will be no earlier than April 20th,” Schaeffer said. 

According to Schaeffer, the program has been a success. 

“Over 2,000 students picked up meals the first day and 4,000 picked them up day number two,” Schaeffer said, “By Friday, the numbers were higher.”

The lunches are being made by district cafeteria workers. These meals include sandwiches, chips, and fruit. The food is handed out by Springdale school district staff. 

              Springdale is keeping students the priority and keeping the community well nourished during this pandemic.