Joy In the Chaos

For Har-Ber staff member, Bridget Wilson, it is very rare to have her family all together at once with her husband coaching for the Royals and her daughter in college in Boston. Quarantine has brought the Wilson family back together for a bittersweet reunion. Luckily, local photographer, Amber Lanning was able to capture this moment and for free. 

Over the past couple of weeks, Lanning has gone through numerous neighborhoods and captured how each family is surviving quarantine in their own unique way. After suggesting the idea to Facebook, Lanning had endless families reaching out to her to photograph their families. 

“I was inspired by a photographer out of Maine,” Lanning said, “I saw her post that she was doing this and I thought I would bring a little joy to Northwest Arkansas.” 

  Families set up in their front yard, each member representing their own response to the pandemic. As Lanning went through each neighborhood, she photographed the families, keeping her distance. 

“I’m staying more than six-feet apart,” Lanning said, “We’re jumping right out of the car and shooting from the street.” 

Lanning isn’t doing all this alone. Her husband, Chris Lanning, has driven the photographer to each house, making it easier for her to hop out, take the picture, and move on to the next house. 

As displayed on the photographer’s instagram account, each family has their own quarantine characteristics. 

The Wilson’s picture captured Vance Wilson in his baseball uniform with a rake standing next to Bridget Wilson sitting at a desk displaying a “to-do list.” Along side them is their daughter, Har-Ber alumni, Peyton Wilson carrying numerous books and a computer. 

“Our picture was easy to create. Peyton and Vance are not usually home this time of year so we’ve all had big adjustments to make.”

These adjustments were portrayed in this front yard photoshoot. 

Through the shoots, many Har-Ber students and staff were featured on the photographer’s account, such as Har-Ber sophomore Abigail Livingston and junior Noah Livingston. 

“It was super fun getting to experience a little joy in the chaos of everything going on around us,” Abigail Livingston said.

Lanning’s movement has been extremely successful in Northwest Arkansas and has brought joy all throughout the community. 

“What a great idea to capture this crazy time in all our lives,” Wilson said.