Offensive line brings positive energy to team

After scoring seven more points, the offensive line celebrates their way off the field. As they come off shouting and jumping on top of one another, they create positive energy for the rest of the team. 

“After we score, as an offensive line we take it upon ourselves to kind of just hype the rest of the team up,” senior Janson Sanders said. “When we come off the field screaming and yelling and jumping up, it’s a reflection of that.” 

It is also a way to celebrate their effects that went into making the touchdown. 

“I just want them to celebrate and get juice and whatever makes them happy, I’m good with me,” offensive line coach Justin Pruitt said. “I want them to be excited for having success. I don’t want it to be dead and sleepy. I want those dudes to be juiced up, I like it.” 

The success followed by celebration did not happen overnight. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was putting in the work. 

“In the offseason, we put in a lot of work,” senior Carson Sanders said, “even through AMI and COVID and stuff we still tried to get stronger, get faster and put all the work on the front end so we could perform well during the season.” 

Senior Peyton Henderson is committed to Arkansas Tech University. This is a goal he has worked towards for a while. According to him, the offenseive line put in work together everyday. 

I love being an o-lineman because of the guys that grind and always have your back in practice and outside,” Henderson said. “We’re more of a big family than anything else.” 

According to Pruitt, the boys are not selfish and care about one another. He believes this is the reason for their success this season.

“They’re not worried about selfish accolades, they care about each other,” Pruitt said. “So if one person has success, the team has success.” 

Some think the offensive linemen are under appreciated but Pruitt does not believe this is the case for his players. They do not need to praise from a touchdown. 

“The guys on defense know those guys are grinders,” Pruitt said. “They know those guys do their job and they give them love.” 

According to Carson, their presence is only felt if they mess up.

“Our presence is not really felt unless we’re messing up,” Carson said. “Honestly, that’s how I’d like it, no glory, just work hard and protect everybody else.”

The team does not need to be known as long as they know their work. 

“Sometimes we gotta take a step back and look at it and just have fun,” junior Jack Struebing said. “That’s what it’s all about, we play this game to have fun, and also win.”