Basketball Stories

First year head basketball coach, Tommy Deffebaugh, changes the team atmosphere for the best. His goal was to change the culture to make the team better.

So far the changes have been playing in his favor with only four seasonal losses. As well as a conference championship title and a sure trip to playoffs according to coach Deffebaugh. 

“We’ve tried to insteel some standards and I want to implement it with our ball team,” Deffebaugh said. “You know we cut down on technicals, how we’re gonna go about our daily routine, being on time, being a good teammate, share the ball. It’s team first not about you.” 

According to Deffebaugh, the team had a difficult time adjusting to the new mold of the team. Yet when they realized these changes brought them wins, their mentality changed. 

“Control what we can control,” Deffebaugh said. “All we can control is how we come out and prepare. As long as I’ve been in it that’s all you better force on is what is in front of you that very next game.” 

Deffebaugh has a motto, control what we can control. He tries to only force on the next game rather than the whole season. 

“It really wasn’t that hard of a transition, I mean he’s just a good coach,” senior Garrett Pieroni said. “He came in and just naturally started working.” 

This year Pieroni really started to push himself to be the best teammate to help be the best team possible. 

“I don’t need to do the big things, I just want to make sure we win the games,” Pieroni said.

One thing that Deffebaugh does for the team is bring them chocolate milk after they lift. He says he has calories and protein in it to help the team replenish after they lift. 

“He really cares about us,” junior Noah Livingston said. “He’s always doing stuff for us, buying us chocolate milk after workouts and always trying to help us out.” 

This year’s team has nine seniors and they have done what they needed to do as seniors according to Deffebaugh.

“Having a senior lead team is helping because they know the game, they’ve played for awhile,” Livingstion said. “They’re been playing all those people in this conference for a while so they have experience.” 

On March 5th they played Little Rock Central. They lost in overtime by one.

“We’re been there every year that I’ve been at Har-Ber,” Pieroni said.

According to Livingston, they have played many teams leading other conferences and can hold their ground with any team.  

“They’re enjoying it,” Deffebaugh said. “I think it’s been a great ride. I think it’s exciting for them, so far so good.”