Wildcats beat cross town rivals 49-10

The cross-town rivalry has now been settled once again. Har-Ber and Springdale knew this game could either continue what was started, or to put the norm back into place. Har-Ber came into this game against the Springdale Bulldogs expecting to take back the title of the best Springdale team. After a lot of conflict last year concerning transfers, the Har-Ber Wildcats are now back on track.

“I know that as a team. We’re not really the team that dwells on the past. We knew that last year was a mishap and a lot of factors went into that game.” said Senior Linebacker Gabe Baker

A former wildcat Houston Pruitt is a new coach this year but is still up to date with what exactly has happened and knew what had to be done.

“I think given the circumstances and you know people leaving and stuff like that. I think we got a chip on our shoulder and we now that we’re capable of. I think kids know we let one get away last year.” Receiver Coach Houston Pruitt

Again this year Springdale tried to set back the Wildcats by turning in a video of some of the Wildcat players getting into a confrontation with a man at the Jmblya concert at the Walmart Amp. Jay Burns and Torrence Farmer were clearly seen in the video dragging the man down and stomping him. The man hasn’t been identified but Jay Burns and Torrence Farmer have been suspended indefinitely. For now, only the football coaches and those involved know of how long they could be suspended. However, the cats still laid a beating on the Bulldogs beating them (49-10).

The team realizes that without their coaches, they would not feel like a family. The motto of the Wildcats this year is to “all in”. The team has decided to truly lay it all out on the field every game.

“Oh man, I’ve got great coaches that just put me in the right spot. I feel like that kind of stuff, it adds up. No matter what it takes, 5 tackles or even 20. I just want to win.” Baker said.

With this win the Wildcats are now (4-2) overall and (2-1) in conference, and also moving them up to 14th from 19th in the state. Next Friday the Wildcats will play the tough opponent the Bentonville West Wolverines at their home field.