Girls golf works to achieve state title

Abbey Ott lines up for her shot at the Springdale Country Club to start the girls golf season off with a win. She created a new personal best that game, helping to advance the team to their winning position. It was her first time breaking 80.

The girls have an air of excitement and anticipation surrounding them as they prepare for the end of the season, trying to keep their almost two month long winning streak alive.

“The season’s going really well for the girls. As of right now the girls are undefeated. So the girls have a really good chance at winning state,” senior Lilly Harrop said.

Harrop isn’t the only one on the team feeling this optimistic.

“I’m feeling really confident and it’s giving our team confidence in going to state,” sophomore Grace Kilcrease said.

The beginning of the season has allowed the girls to assert their dominance over other teams. Beating teams like Bentonville and Fayetteville is a key component in their success at the upcoming State Tournament.

“Just knowing that we’ve beat Bentonville and Fayetteville, and those were your two rivals  for the past few years feels good,” Ott said.

And for as much as this extraordinary group of young women truly love the sport, they seem to care more about the team mentality and making sure one another knows how amazing they are doing out on the course.  

“Lilly Harrop, she’s our biggest motivator she’s always there for us and we have a group chat for all the golf girls,” Ott said. “She’s always super supportive and even if one of us has a bad day she’ll come up to us and tell us ‘hey it’s okay, it’s not the end of the world you have another one coming up. It’s just a tournament,’”

Harrop has named herself as Head of Encourage Committee, and this seems to be one of the contributing factors to the girls extensive success.

“If you have a bad day it’s going to sting. It weighs down on you in the fact that ‘dang I could have done so much better, nothing was working for me.’ But knowing that someone’s there for you and is there to support you, it helps take a lot of [pressure] off,” Ott said.

“Rule number one, have fun, Harrop said, “Be kind.”