Boys golf makes a comeback

After losing five straight, the boys golf team secured their first win of the season Sept. 4, just like senior Boston Moxley knew they would.

“I’m not giving up,” Moxley said.

Moxley shot an 87 at the Siloam Springs match against Siloam Springs that helped cushion Braden Shepherd, who lead the Wildcats to a 332- 370 finish.

Har-Ber’s male golf team has been having a rough start to their season, to say the least. With zero wins out of five long, grueling games played, the team’s morale held strong. When they finally won their first game half way through the season against Siloam Springs, it gave them the confidence boost they needed to get them into the champion mindset.

“Our first two or three matches we lost by like one point or like two points,” senior Nick Luttrell said, “then once we got into the bigger tournaments against teams in our conference, it didn’t go so well because we knew we would have to play really well to beat those teams like Fayetteville and Bentonville and Rogers.”

Playing against teams who have a history of winning at the game of golf was a challenge for our boys to match that intense competitiveness and finesse. And knowing that they will have to face their biggest competitors at State adds more apprehension to the thought of the tournament.

“Boys State’s going to be really hard this year because there’s Bentonville and Fayetteville, and they have a really strong team this year. With kids shooting under par,” junior Luke Jewell said.

But they haven’t let their losses and apprehensiveness hinder their spirits. They are making golf, that is usually seen as boring and overly competitive, fun for the team.

“At this point it’s just like this is my senior year, I’m just trying to have fun with it while I can,” Moxley said.

That optimistic outlook doesn’t stop with Boston either as he has made it a point to keep the team’s spirits lively.

“He’s a spirited kid and he’s funny, and He keeps the team in good spirits you know if were doing bad or anything like that. He’ll try to pump us up. He’s just a hype kid,” Jewll said.

As the undesignated captain or leader of the team Moxley has also made it a point to correct his teammates performance, ultimately bettering the team when it comes to their skills as well.

“He’s good at analyzing our swing and telling us what we’re doing wrong with it,” Luttrell said. “If we’re hitting the ball bad he’ll always be able to pick us up, talk to us.”

With the State Tournament right around the corner the boys have kicked it into high gear and are beginning to win more matches and tournaments. They have taken their failure and learned from it, one of the many life lessons learned through sports.

“We say we’re undefeated in September, so even though we’ve only played one match in September, we’re kinda going by that motto,” Luttrell said.