Boy’s Basketball Team Strives for Greatness

Wildcats pursue the road to state

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Boy’s Basketball Team Strives for Greatness

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The crowd goes wild as junior, Tylor Perry, sinks another three in a game against Bentonville. The Har-ber high boys basketball team has taken the court by storm this year. With an incredible 15-5 record this season, the boys hard work on and off the court shows. With two players reaching the 1,000 point club this year, Tylor Perry and senior Tyler Garrett, the team is full of superstars. The young men put in countless hours in the gym and see themselves as a family rather than a team.

“We see that it’s just us against everyone else,” said sophomore Nick Buchanan.

Buchanan is a sophomore this year, but is starting varsity. Among the young men, Buchanan continues to push himself, especially as a sophomore.

“As a sophomore playing varsity, it’s a great opportunity and has really taken my game to the next level,” said Buchanan.

Although the boys put in work  in and out of games, they have faced bad days and losses this year. The team only has five losses to Wynne, Nettleton, North Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Rogers Heritage, and they don’t plan on letting the losses bring them down any. The young men view it as a learning experience.

“I think with the losses we took days off and it eventually caught up to us,” said Perry, “we know we can’t take days off and we just have to strive to get better everyday.”

Throughout the trials and stress season brings, the team rallies together all for the same goal;  the state championship. Being in such a good position in the state the boys are looked up to, not only as players but as respectable young men.

“I have to lead an example, I gotta be a positive role model to be a better teammate and a better leader,” said Perry.

As season continues on the young men plan to stay on course and continue to be a family. Facing each team with a “just us” mentality.

“I’ve learned that when you play together as a team,” said senior Josh Ezell, “then you can do anything you set your minds to.”

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Boy’s Basketball Team Strives for Greatness