Irish band opts for deeper electric sound

When Mumford and Sons debut in 2007, the Irish band quickly gained a following, only continuing to grow over the next 11 years. After a year of radio silence, with little warning, Delta was dropped.

The album contains 14 songs and lasts just over an hour. The music is similar to that of the last album, which marked an extreme change in the style of the band. With Wilder Mind, the once folk band traded their banjos and string basses for a deeper electric sound.

Mumford boldly decided to change their style, understanding not all would still be a fan but with their change a new following has been brought about, letting them perform in large stadiums and bigger shows. Songs changed from a feeling of romantic folk to a dreaming electronic hase. The band refers to this new album as their “most extensive & ambitious” work yet, and with it an even grander tour.

Guiding Light, the album’s first single, caught immediate popularity, providing hope for the full album. Tracks such as Woman remain loyal to the bands most recent sound, whereas October Skies remain almost reminiscent of the older folk style that allowed them to gain a following with unique harmonies and rhythms.

The album is a beautiful blend of upbeat electric sounds and a fluid breezy sound, perfect for driving windows down on back roads on a fall night. Songs such as Rose of Sharon continuing the clouded alternative sound that proves to be the biggest appeal to the album.