Paper Towns

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John Green is a renowned author definitely well-known by most teenage girls for his various novels, including The Fault in Our Stars, a sappy love story that’s full of bittersweet travel, adventures, and hardships. While I can’t deny that this book was very well executed and is very realistic in that it contains many negative life changes prone to today’s world, I didn’t enjoy it as much as Paper Towns.

The novel begins with two childhood friends, Quentin and Margo, who couldn’t be more different. Margo is adventurous and intricate in her thoughts and ideas, disregarding any consequences in her search for the thrill of an adventure, while Quentin’s quiet, observant disposition prevents him from trouble, but also from leading an exciting life. Green flash-forwards to the minefield that is high school. Somewhat expectedly, Quentin and Margo have inevitably grown apart. Margo traded her clumsy, sweet childhood friend for a new posse complete with prissy cars and egos to match.

Quentin has never stopped admiring Margo from afar, however. He often reflects on their escapades as kids, and watches her from afar as he isn’t able to invade the exclusive royalty that comes with the jocks and queen bees. Margo isn’t only revered for her unconventional beauty; her mysterious disposition intrigues guys and girls alike. All the boys want to be with her solely because she’s just barely out of reach, and all the girls wish they could be as adventurous and unique as her. Margo is known for never being in one place very long; she often travels the country supposedly in various places such as a circus, backstage for a band, or exploring on her own.

This time is no different, except that Margo includes Quentin on the search to find her (and hopefully her heart as well). She leaves a series of clues to find her, and Quentin travels with his friends and Margo’s friend, Lacey, to find her. Will he follow the clues that lead him to her location? Will Margo finally see that Quentin should be with her? If you read Paper Towns, you’ll figure out these answers and more; you won’t be disappointed in the adventures that take place.

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