John Mayer Waves In Music

Riley Neil, Features editor

John Mayer writes the type of lyrics that I would write down in a notebook or a moody tweet. “Wave One” is just the first installment of the future EPs that Mayer will release a the start of each month, each with four new songs on them, until his new album is complete. Mayer kept his fans waiting for eight years now, and by releasing his album in waves, he is only making the anticipation for each new catchy beat a little longer.

Mayer has already outdone himself just through the first four songs released, though. I found myself bopping along to “Love on the Weekend” in the car and also looking up the meaningful lyrics on Genius in just the few hours after the first single was released back in November. The song has a pop feel to it that Mayer is not used to, and although some of his fans found it was too mainstream, I found that the song made me think of long drives, being with a loved one after a long time apart, and that disappearing freedom that is found in new relationships. Basically, it took me to another place, just as all Mayer’s music does, and I always count that as a win for a song.

“Moving on and Getting over” was the first track on the EP and listening to it first, I knew that Mayer wasn’t going to disappoint with his new tracks. Like all his work, the song is relatable and filled with honesty that cuts right into the core of Mayer’s heart and yours too. It puts into words how hard it can be to forget about someone, how every second is a possibility you could text them back or think back to the way things used to be, and does it all while having a beat that gets stuck in your head. Mayer’s known musical ability is showcased throughout the song.  

“Changing” was the next track that came through my earbuds, and by the time it got to the chorus I knew the orginal song was one that really told the message of the album. “Changing” has original lyrics that are relatable from the first listen. It describes the process of becoming who you are and altering that person throughout life. It is one that matches the theme of time that comes from the whole EP and leaves you with a melancholy feeling that makes you want to listen again.

The last song on the album, though, is the one that shows Mayer’s maturity as an artist the most. From the falesto at the start of the song to the lyrics that show so much vulnerability that it makes it seem as if Mayer strung his heart throughout the song, it is honest. It is risky. It is a song you can tell was nerve wracking to first write down, to first sing in front of someone, and gives that vulnerable side of love that is so often ignored. It is a song that is going to stand out on the album, I can tell.

From the amount of success this first wave has received, Mayer’s footprint on the music industry is only going to grow, and I know that the album is only going to make the start to every month a little sweeter, and the wait all worth it.