The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere The Atlanta Four

Chloe Mangham, Opinion Editor

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As you sit in front of your TV anxiously waiting to see who Negan killed, you have theories and ideas, but this episode will resolve them all. As the audience discretion warning pops up on the screen, your palms start to sweat, knees go weak, and you thank God that you’re sitting down. Questions race through your brain. What will The Walking Dead bring to the table this season?

Recently, The Walking Dead has premiered the most awaited season seven opener. The Walking Dead is a post apocalyptic zombie drama made by AMC, starring Andrew Lincoln as the main character and leader, Rick Grimes. The show displays Rick and his “family” surviving through the zombie apocalypse. It’s based off of the comic book series “The Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman, who also is an executive producer of the show.

This episode is the season premiere, which is so far shown to be the most extreme and difficult time for the survivors. It ties up the long awaited cliff hanging show runners left for us in April during the finale of season six.

After the Alexandrians (Rick’s group) are caught by the “Saviors,” Rick and the team finally come face to face with the leader of the Saviors, Negan. Negan decides as a punishment for the Alexandrians for killing many of his men, he and the Saviors get half of their stuff as well as a “sacrifice” of sorts.

Negan lines them all up execution style with them all on their knees, and one by one plays a game of “eenie meeny miney mo” to see who gets to be killed. Yet, I’ll spare you the bloody details and say two of the Alexandrians are killed by “Lucille”, Negan’s bat.

Now, spoiler alert – If you still don’t know who dies, stop reading now. Sadly, the two that are killed are Abraham and Glenn. The two that many, if not all of the fans expected, yet knowing this still didn’t soften the blow. These were two of the most beloved characters of the entire show. Most people knew because of the comics, as this event plays out in the show exactly how it does in the comics, except for Abraham’s death. Yet, Glenn’s death can be compared in a side by side image of the comic and the show.

Glenn was one of the most important characters in this entire franchise. We, as an audience, have seen him since episode one. He was one of the Atlanta survivors: a beloved friend, husband, and soon to be father. His death was one that no one ever wanted, especially Maggie, his wife, who was a few feet away when Negan bashed his skull in.

The effects in The Walking Dead keep improving, and both Abraham’s and Glenn’s death scenes prove that. The way both men died was so unfair, and maybe I’m taking this way too seriously, but I just can’t help but wish it didn’t have to happen. However, as lover of both the comics and TV series, I am glad that the producers decided to stay true to Glenn’s death and not sugar coat it to keep viewers happy.

So, as time goes by, so do the survivors. The Atlanta Five is now the Atlanta Four. R.I.P. Glenn and Abraham.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere The Atlanta Four