Student expresses frustration with capitol break in

On January 6, hundreds of United States citizens stormed the American Capitol. I just want to know what was going through these people’s heads when they decided to storm and break into their own country and people. The fact that our own citizens decided that they should do something like this is plenty enough reason to say that the United States as a whole is crumbling. I am all for a peaceful protest to put your voice out into the world, but when it becomes violent people get hurt or worse and that is just not okay for anyone to do. During the riot, five people were killed. One was a police officer who died from his injuries during the riot. Another was an Air force Veteran who was shot by Capitol guards whenever the mob tried to break into the House Chamber. There were three other victims of the riot. two of the five people who died served our country and their local people from those who tried to hurt us. What makes it worse is that all five of these people were killed by other Americans who were being unintelligent and violent for no reason. 

I also think that President Donald Trump didn’t take action soon enough and because of his actions, many people were killed. I watched the events occur on CNN news while Trump said nothing and let it happen. President-elect Joe Biden however did something. He called out to the crowd and told them to stop. He also called out Trump by saying on TV, ¨I call on President Trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution by demanding an end to this siege¨. Soon after Biden called on him, Trump made his speech on television telling the rioters to ¨Go Home¨. I spoke with my dad about the events that occurred that day and mentioned how President Trump didn’t say anything until Biden called him out and my dad said that he did it because it got too violent. It got violent before he made his speech. A person was shot inside of the building before Biden even made his speech. Trump said nothing to the people or to anyone until Biden did. This shows that our current president has a massive ego.

After all of the events that occurred last year with COVID-19 spreading through our land, people in a panic, and our way of life changing drastically, you would think that it would bring people closer to one another. Everyone thought that with 2020’s end would come peace and understanding going into 2021,but instead, after only 6 days into the new year,we broke into our own Capitol, killed our own people and injured others. This year is already off  to a bad start and America can blame no one besides America for it.