Student section demonstrating little school spirit

Imagine showing up to a restaurant with no intentions to eat. You show up and sit there socializing. What’s the point? You’re not supporting that business by not eating. All you’re doing is taking up space that someone else is waiting to have. I brought up this analogy to express how ridiculous it is to go to a football game with no intentions of participating. The point of a student section is to support our school. Why show up if you’re not going to show support? As a senior, I have formed a new perspective of school spirit. A school thrives off of school spirit. 

As a sophomore I thought it was weird to dress up for spirit week. I never paid attention to the football game. I had very little school spirit. Now that my Friday night lights are limited, I’ve come to the realization that when you’re proud of your school, high school is so much more than homework and stress. High school is the thrill of a close football game. It’s knowing your alma mater by heart. It’s the hectic rotunda as students rush to classes. High school is so many things that I never noticed and being in the student section is something I will forever miss. The feeling is indescribable. A common pride for the school circulating throughout a section that is designed just for you and your peers is so pure. The energy is electric. Friday night lights are the lamp to a dark, quiet city.  Why wouldn’t you want to participate? 

After attending the first home game this year, I couldn’t help but notice the endless amount of students sitting at the top of the bleachers paying little attention to the game. No cheers echoed from their direction the entire night. It was frustrating. A student section has such a huge impact on the tone of the game and it is not fair for them to not get the praise they deserve. If you go to a football game, participate. Games are so much more fun when everyone is coming together, on the field and off, to prove how incredible our school truly is.