How quarantine has affected me

Friday March 13 I was supposed to travel to Oklahoma City for my first dance competition of the season but instead I went through the drive through of chick-fil-a. My dance competition was canceled. This was also the same day Trump announced self quarantine for 15 days.
The next week really flew by with home projects. I cleaned out and reorganised my closet and my whole bathroom. We were planning on moving my little sister into my older sister’s room since she is now in college. She got into a radiology program and her own apartment so she will not be home as much. So that Friday we went to Sherman Williams to buy a light purple paint for my little sister’s new room. We also bought a grey color paint for our bathrooms. The painting took two days. We switched my sisters’ rooms on Sunday.
The next week was “Spring Break.” As you know everything was closed. I have already caught up on the new seasons of two different shows on Netflix. I’m currently switching between two shows on Netflix. I also have watched Tik Tok for hours. My phone screen time has increased by 30%. There was not much to do. I got so bored I reorganized our playroom. That took about four hours. One of my favorite things is FaceTime with my friends.
My mom let me and my little sister pick a friend to come over during quarantine. The only thing was they must be feeling good and have not been everywhere. I chose my boyfriend. He comes over to my house and I go to his house a lot.
Since the CDC says the hot air and being outside kills the virus we can go outside. My mom also wants us to go outside as much as possible. Most mornings we walk about three to four miles. She also will allow us to see our friends as long as it is outside. I have been on a few walks with my friends because I was missing them too much.
This online school thing is not my favorite but it’s not terrible. I can get my work done pretty fast but I miss my friends and some of my teachers.
Even my dance studio has moved to online classes. We zoom at our scheduled time, but it’s not the same. They are my family. I miss seeing them everyday and dancing with them. We can’t really talk over zoom while we are stretching and when we get a drink of water.
Not only do I miss my friends and my dance family. I miss going to a restaurant and eating. I miss having places to go. I miss being able to go to the stores and shop. Online shopping will have to keep me busy for now but I’m limited as to where I can order from. Nothing from China.
Overall, I have pretty much accomplished all my house projects. I’m still getting to FaceTime with my friends. I get to keep dancing. Yet it’s not the same. My worry is this will last a lot longer than they are saying. I also believe nothing will ever be the same as before.