Let your imagination take control

Teenage Human Ninja Tunnels

We’ve all grown up watching the cartoons of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and thought how much we wanted to be like them and fight crime and hang around in tunnels or sewers.

For me it became possible. A group of friends and I started our journey from the Fayetteville public library, finding this large tunnels with lots of graffiti. We set of to explore.

We were all wearing tennis shoes, and jeans and hoodies, and the tunnel was just putting our minds in awe, but as we kept going the walls got narrower, the water got deeper, the cement ceilings got shorter, and the air got thinner. Before we knew it were were bear crawling through sewers underneath the city of Fayetteville.

Three hours had passed and we were running out of oxygen, so we looked for a way out since we were all very light headed and we found a manhole about 5 feet above us. Before we climbed out, we heard sounds of beautiful music and we were very confused.

So then we had to jump and push the steel lid over then jump as high as we could to get our hands out and pull ourselves up.

When we got out, we looked and saw people staring at us in confusion, I assumed, I looked and we were right outside of the Walton Arts Center. We were listening to a concert or play people would pay for, for free.

No matter the adventure, how dirty, how painful, or how exhausting, you can still find beautiful things. Even in the sewers, we had the feeling of thinking we were in a movie. I had the same meaningful emotions in the sewers listening to the beautiful music, as I did when being in the mountains in North Carolina.

The beauty in the world is endless, as long as you let your imagination take control.