Can One be “Good” Without God?

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The only reason people believe in any form of sovereign omnipotent being is to gain a false sense of moral objectivity. The idea of a God aids people who cant handle the fact that objective morals don’t exist. Even if one was to claim that there are objective morals entailed in the bible, one must pass through the inevitable and inescapable prism of belief. If you don’t believe in God, then the bible has no credibility, and you must find your own schemas about how to ascertain goodness.

Whether or not one is good on general principle without believing in God is entirely up to the person asking the question. If the Westboro Baptist Church was asking the question they would compare you to Satan in all probability. If Barack Obama was asking the question, he would most likely drop a spiel similar to this one. Neither of these are objectively wrong, but potentially subjectively wrong- or right, depending of the subject.

I am of the opinion that a God can exist, but the ability and the will to prove such a monolithic question is far from me. I am not fixing to place a collective dunce hat on religious people, because the only evidence against their claim for God only strikes down biblical dogma. Science disproves a gratuitous amount of things in the Bible. My idea of God transcends science and dogma to a degree, much like the the characterization of a supreme being from the last 20 minutes of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. I don’t think the creator of space and time hates you if you’re gay, or if you don’t shave your beard, or A through biblical Z.

Humans are clueless as to the nature of the world outside their head, and henceforth cannot grasp reality without first trekking outside of the realms of consciousness. If somebody tells me that my hair is purple, no evidence exists for me to use to prove them wrong. I could tell them that my hair is brown until I’m any given color in the face, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t see it that way.

You can tell a serial killer that what he is doing is wrong, but it doesn’t matter what you say because he thinks it’s right, and those two claims are non actuating. You can’t prove that anything is objectively right or wrong, or true or false.

Objectivity is a ruse.

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