Follow me to Wonderland or other exotic places, please

Well guys…I’ve got nothing to talk about. Sorry to disappoint.

However, if you want to follow along with my A+ “rants” and life comments on Twitter (@EthanCWilson) I’m all for it. I’ll even welcome small comments to me that reference something I tweeted at 4 a.m. in a sleeping aid assisted daze in the hallways. No matter how embarrassing or inappropriate they may be. All is welcome.

But really that is a constant stream of entertainment for all you birds.

I honestly cannot think of anything in my life worth ranting about in paragraphs. Soooo…go ahead and pretend like you didn’t just read about me talking about how great I am on social media and just nod your head and pretend like you just read something that you were really able to connect to emotionally.

Now, show some emotion for it. You can either laugh out loud (by that, I mean blow air through your nose with more power than normal), maybe even shed a tear or two (dab some water on your eye from that water bottle on your desk), or you could even exclaim angrily, “THIS ETHAN KID IS SOOO STUPID! WHAT IS HE EVEN TALKING ABOUT? WHAT’S HIS POINT?” and draw on my face or something. Get creative.

Oh, and if you draw on my face, please make sure to Instagram it and tag me (same as my twitter).

Thanks for reading my attention hungry request. I really had nothing to talk about that would matter to anyone, that would sound like I was on an emotional rant, or even something that would have really pissed people off…bye.