7 reasons why I love him


7 Reasons I Love My Dad

  1. My daddy takes me to concerts. Even when he doesn’t like the bands, he still takes me to spend time together.
  2. He goes shopping with me and helps me find the best deals. My dad goes in every store I want to go in to help me decide what I really want.
  3. My dad takes me out to dinner. He takes me out to eat for Father-Daughter bonding time when he gets the chance.
  4. He buys me Valentine’s Day candy. My dad always buys me Valentine’s candy even when boys do, just to make me feel extra special.
  5. My dad helps me pick out perfume. My daddy and I go perfume and cologne shopping together. We always have to smell good!
  6. He brings me a Diet Coke. Sometimes when I’ve had a bad day, my dad will bring me my favorite drink to cheer me up!
  7. While the first six were material things and talked mostly about the things my dad buys, he is more than just some kind of bank. He has always been around to support me, to give me advice and to make me feel better. Whether that’s by buying me a Diet Coke for solid week when my friend died, almost moving across the country to live near me, or getting me a gym membership so we could spend more time together (not because he thinks I’m out of shape). My dad has always been there for me. I feel so blessed that I have such a kind and amazing parent.