There’s an app for everything

From apps about how to kiss to apps dealing with the weather, there seems to be an app for everything these days.  Some may see this as a bad thing, but I believe that having an app for everything is a useful tool and helps our continuously changing culture.

With new technology comes new problems. 

Texting causes problems when people are driving, and having all kinds of different apps could be a distraction too.

The “convenience” of such technology might allow individuals to become overly dependent upon said apps; students might have found apps to cheat on assignments and tests. 

Having an app for everything also means having more access to the world around us. 

Many different apps provide information, ratings, and directions to new restaurants, movies, and much more. 

An individual could also book airfare, play games, and connect with their peers.  Plus, apps are capable of tracking a person’s exercise and even do taxes.

People are always on the go in today’s world and these different kinds of apps allow people to connect to news and other much needed information. 

I, like many others, have personally benefited from various apps such as the Facebook app and The Weather Channel app.