Bieber and Gomez’s “steamy” vacation

When I hear the term a “steamy” relationship, I normally picture a scene in “The Titanic.”  In this scene Jack and Rose are running through the engine room, and they find a car where they have a romantic encounter.  This is my personal definition of a steamy relationship, so when I saw a headline on a magazine cover that called Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s vacation as “steamy,” I was thoroughly confused.

This adjective used to describe two teenagers having a vacation together in Bieber’s San Diego vacation home seemed quite silly and inappropriate.  The word steamy seems too mature and the connotation tends to point towards adults.

I put further investigation into this story and flipped through the magazine to find photo evidence of this “steamy” vacation.  The photos displayed Bieber, 16, and Gomez, 17, in what seems to be a hot tub.  Other pictures show the two heading indoors with Bieber’s hand clearly on Gomez’s butt.

This seemed completely ridiculous.  As high schoolers, I believe we all know that these things happen.  The hardest part to believe is that Hollywood has gone so far to make it “major” news and characterize it like they were adults.  The magazines refer to their “love life,” which I see as calling two kids’ kindergarden relationship promising.

At the same time I am not sure how this kind of “breaking” news even enlightens teenagers, especially those in a relationship. It makes a laughing stock and mockery at our efforts to connect with other teens. 

When people see this headline, just like me, they laugh at the ridiculousness of the story.

The word steamy is not the particular word I would use, or hope to use, to describe two teens’ relationships.  In my mind Bieber and Gomez’s vacation is the not the equivalent as Jack and Rose’s romantic rendezvous.