Topgolf hires reference from new employee

Good friends, senior Hannah Pianalto and senior Hailey Houston both work at Topgolf together. Although the two girls work in different areas. Pianalto works as a Golf Service Associate, while Houston works as a Shift Load Food Runner.
Topgolf is not only a place to golf. It’s also a place to eat with friends and family and even have parties at.
“Even though I haven’t been there long, we all feel like a family, and everyone is super caring and fun,” Houston said.
Houston was hired in early February. She was the one who referred Pianalto for an interview. Pianalto began shortly after Houston.
“Hannah(Pianalto) really secured the job on her own, but I referred her to go to the interview and gave her some major tips,” Houston said. “She’s one of my best friends and I knew she had everything it took to ace the interview, so I had to refer to her.”
Houston was previously babysitting but she is about to head to college and needed something to make her more money. Her role at Topgolf is Shift Load Food Runner which means she makes sure all of the food gets prepped in the kitchen and out to the bays as quickly and neatly as possible. She also helps out by pre-bussing tables and carrying additional trays.
“I thought it’d be fun to work there and thought it would be enjoyable,” Pianalto said.
Pianalto works as a Golf Service Associate. Her job has many different roles such as, greeters, check-in, guest runner, club runner, or starter.
“My favorite part is interacting with all of my coworkers and making new friends,” Pianalto said.
Although Pianalto enjoys meeting new people, she claims the most difficult part of the job is interacting with guests.
“Not because they’re rude, but sometimes it’s hard as a young high school student having to be the face or “authority” over the guests who are well over my age and may not respect me or what I’m doing,” Pianalto said.
While Pianalto says the most difficult part is handling guests who are older than her, Houston claims the dinner rush is the most difficult part of her job, due to the chaos and stress in the kitchen.
“My favorite part of working at Topgolf, would hands down be the atmosphere,” Houston said.