Families Adjust to Life Inside

As covid-19 continues to spread, families of all shapes and sizes are getting used to the new pace of life.

“I’ve gotten to spend a lot more time with my family in these trying times. We just watch a lot of movies or just nap. It can be pretty rough at times but we all care for each other,” junior Lane Gilder said.

With more time at home there is increased time to be with family.

“I basically spend 24/7 with my family,” senior Kimberly Velaquez said. “I think that we are very very close and even closer now than ever.”

Having to stay inside means inventing new ways to stay entertained.

“We started on a 2000 piece puzzle, and we have gone on a few walks,” junior Jack Baird said.

Families also have elderly, at risk members to think about. 

“I do have grandmas, and they are both doing pretty well. I have seen both of them pretty often either from facetime or a quick visit, but it kinda stinks because both of those ladies mean the world to me and my family,” Baird said. “I think we are all a little worried for their safety, but for now at least they are fine.”

Despite the times, things have stayed fairly normal for some.

“Honestly, not much has changed,” senior Kassidy Thompson said. “The virus hasn’t really affected my family.”

 With the future unknown, every family is approaching the circumstances differently. 

“My family is taking it very seriously, we are trying to do as much as possible to keep ourselves safe,” Baird said.

Some are taking extra precautions. 

“My mom is a lot more cautious about going to stores and wearing germ-x and wiping down carts,” Thompson said.

According to Guilder, it’s about taking things day by day.

“My family has always been very chill and relaxed which hasn’t changed now. We take this whole thing one day at a time,” Guilder said.