The Ice Age of Har-Ber

The students walk to their next class, when they are hit with a  blast of cold air. They shiver in fear of knowing that they are going to have to bear the cold to get their education. There are so many ways to help them save themselves such as bringing jackets or even blankets to school. History teacher Fabrizio Campagnola and Tennis coach Richard Horne have resorted to taking their students outside of the classroom to escape the chill.

According to Assistant Principal Patrick Scott the extreme temperatures have not just begun, it’s been a problem for more than two months.

“I don’t want to say frustration. It gets a lot of my attention throughout the day and throughout the week. It’s constant,” Scott said.

Some teachers have even noticed that this has affected their classroom for more than one year.

“I believe the last two years, it’s kind of been the same,” math teacher Travis Fink said.

Not everybody understands why it has gotten so bad, and not everybody is as forgiving.

“The school district has gone to an automated heat and air system, where they control the temperatures. So the thermostats in the teachers rooms, don’t really do much. There’s about a four degree window that teachers have the ability to control,” Scott said.

It’s not only one classroom, to most of the students it’s every class in every hallway and both floors.

“Um, like all of them I’d say, just about every class,” sophomore Chloe Hester said.

Some teachers have come up with the idea of keeping blankets in their rooms for their students to use, and they’ve changed the way they teach such as letting the students get up and stay active to keep warm.

“Whenever possible, having them working at dry erase boards or up around the rooms and moving. I’ve got blankets and so they run to class and fight for those,” Fink said.

Some of the students have come up with their own plans to get through class.

“I always have a sweatshirt in my backpack. I wear it pretty much all day.” Hester said.

Scott has been doing all he can to get the help the school needs.

“I’ve been communicating with the district maintenance daily. I have the heart and air person that’s in charge of the district. He has visited us two to three times already,” Scott said.

Now, not everybody is going to truly be happy, but Mr.Scott is for sure trying to get as close to this ideal setting as possible.

“I’ve already got the head of maintenance coming over. Possibly this afternoon but definitely Monday to tour every room, and every section of the building to see if we can get some of our issues fixed,” Scott said.