A second Watergate

Students share opinions over a controversial president.

On February 11th, President Trump fell upon the border city of El Paso for a rally.

“We’re building the wall anyway”, he said. At the same time, El Paso’s own Beto O’Rourke organized a counterrally. “Walls don’t save lives, walls end lives”, retorted O’Rourke.

This, along with President Trump’s other recent actions, has again sparked quite a storm on the national political stage. As reported by MSNBC, CNN and Fox News, his movements have put opinion news into a whirlwind. This, as of late, had quelled speculation around the possibility of impeachment.

President Trump’s controversy has reached all the way to Har-Ber, and polling data reveals both the depth and polarity of the student body opinion.

53.9 % of students who filled out the poll thought that President Trump should be impeached.

Student responses mentioned a myriad of different hot button issues that have come to encompass the Trump Administration.

He is not handling himself very well as a president and is hurting his own people who he promised to protect,” senior Wendy Avalos said.

According to polling data from The Hill, 59% of Americans did not support President Trump’s ban of transgender people in the military.  

His policies are very xenophobic and the transgender ban on military” junior, Itzel Ortiz explains her view.

Based on a report done by Market Watch, 3.8 million jobs have been created under the Trump admin. Several students cite this fact when explaining their stances.

“He has done a lot for our country like provide more jobs and a better progressing economy, however, he can have bad comments”, junior, Lilyan Bonds says.

Trump’s plan to build a wall along the southern border has been a staple of his political agenda since he announced his plan to run. Research done by the Pew Research Center shows that 58% of Americans do not support President Trump’s proposal to extend the wall along the entire border.

“The wall also made his support fall because millions of people have been without money due to his inability to compromise”, senior Georgia Milhem states, referencing the recent government shutdown.

This is not to say that there are no students in support of the proposal.

“I agree with the wall being built and I’m tired of Americans being killed by violent “illegal aliens”, says junior Hannah Greiner.

Many parallels were drawn between President Trump and Richard Nixon on a politically situational basis.

“Well he has some things with Bill Clinton with an affair and with Nixon a situation like Watergate except that it’s stupid Watergate”, says Homero Ruiz.

In an interview with the head basketball coach, Scott Bowlin, Bowlin states “I see a lot of similarities actually”.

Later in the interview, when asked whether or not he thought that the Watergate investigation became redundant, Bowlin said “no question”

“I believe both presidents were, during their presidency, in a very trying time for the country”, adds Coach Bowlin,  “everybody has skeletons.”