Life 360 app tracks teenagers’ location

App available on iOS, Android, Windows

Students all hear the parents side of being nosy and knowing everything you are doing, but how do the students feel?

Many students in the school believe that Life 360 takes away from their high school experience. They say that it also adds stress to their everyday lives.

“It stresses me out when my parents know where I’m at all the time, they can see what I’m doing, they can even see how fast I am going, which is kind of ridiculous. It also takes away my joy of feeling free and the joy of having somewhat of my own life,” says Junior Kobe Andrews.

Parents want the best for their kids, but some students believe that they are not always right. Life 360 takes away the only freedom and decision making they get in there own lives.

“My mom assumes the worst when she sees my location, I’ve never done anything bad enough to make them have these assumptions, It really makes me feel like my parents don’t trust me,” says Bethany Davis

The app gives directions to the location of the people in their circle. Some parents show up, just to check what’s going on, it is very embarrassing and frightens the other kids.

“When his dad showed up, it freaked me out. It made me very paranoid for a couple weeks, I was scared to hang out with my best friend,” says Sean Ezell.

Teenagers already deal with a large amount of stress and anxiety. Life 360 adds on to a teens stress and anxiety. For students the app has no benefit on their part, and the app is even unhealthy for students.