Multiple Sports

Arriving at home after a long day of learning and practices, it’s finally time to relax. Not the case for student athletes here at school.

The school doesn’t only apply importance to education, but also to athletics. Every student has the chance to be part of a team ranging from football to debate. According to, highschool can be hectic because of everything going on at school and at home. 

When multiple students were asked, they all had their own way of managing what little time they had to spare. 

“With sports there’s not much time at home, so really when you get home from practice you get your shower, eat, and you get some rest for the next day,” Sophomore Baseball/Football Ethan Fender said.

Some athletes have more than one practice a day, some even have more than two.

“I have volleyball in the morning, like first thing and then I go to school, then basketball for my last period,” Sophomore Maddux McCrackin said, “Later into the day I have volleyball from nine to seven.”

Some sports require that lots of school time will be missed due to games and sometimes even practice. 

To make up for the lost time in school, the athletes use all their time wisely by doing everything they can at school.

“Most of my school work gets done at school during prime times or advisory, or I try to get it finished early in class because of the lack of time at home,” Fender said.

It doesn’t only affect football/baseball players, it also affects women’s basketball and volleyball.

“I like to use advisory time whenever and like any breaks in classes because I know I’m gonna have two more practices after school, but if not I usually just stay up late.” McCrackin said.

According to Stanford Med, lack of sleep can result in the inability to concentrate, poor grades, drowsy-driving incidents, anxiety, and even depression.

With no time after school for home-life, the student-athlete has to resort to having their only freetime over the weekend.

“Usually family time is on the weekends, if we’re not planning going anywhere playing sports.” Fender Said.