Seeing snow is like a ‘dream’

Students from Marshall Islands see snow for the first time

Snow made its first appearance of the season in early November. Students jittered with excitement and anticipation as a light flutter fell.

“When you walk outside the cold air hits you and the feeling of the snow and seeing it, let’s us know that the holiday season has just finally begun and I’m excited,” said Bonju Bulles

“Seeing the snow for the first time or even touching is was the best day of my life. Many people say it was too cold, or too wet. To me, it was the most beautiful thing that I have seen,” said junior Benbit Debrum.

“Where I’m from, which is Marshall Island, there is no snow, of course, at all. I always looked out my window wondering how the snow I see in the movies on the tv felt and all. Always wondering how the cold weather feels like and such a cold breezy wind blowing your hair,” explains Debrum.

Marshall Islands is an island  group in the Pacific with 29 atolls and 5 island in total. The weather there is very different than here in American. It is often hot and windy so it can be assumed that those born there and recently moved to the United States, have ever seen snow. The Marshall Islands were used to test a bomb in Bikini Atoll and is still uninhabitable due to radiation. It changed many lives, moving residents to America because of the bombs horrifying aftermath.

¨Being able to have a chance to see the snow was a dream come true and most definitely a goal that I have accomplish,” junior Benbit Debrum said.

“I’m from Kwajalein Atoll and, of course, I’ve never seen snow but having the chance to even see snow or feel it, well, it’s not what I expected. I thought it was gonna be cool while it snow but it was so cold, like, I’m not used to the weather so it was very weird,” Maria Nabu said.

Kwajalein Atoll is part of the Marshall Islands and is the largest island in the atoll.

“The snow was was very beautiful and the weather was unexplainable because it was so cold that I never knew wearing a big coat is very useful,” junior Daisy Latdrik said.

The snow really changed some people lives because some thought they would never see it, and some had hoped to see it. Others thought that Arkansas had nothing to offer because of a homesickness for their island, yet now they have hope and get to explore new things.