New program focuses on developing life, work skills

Har-Ber High School is 1 of 15 schools which have been selected for a new opportunity for students to be more prepared for the future. The new school-based work program will teach independent living skills, as well as provide some paid work experiences for them.

The onsite work-based learning program focuses on work experiences that occur regularly so that teachers can monitor their performance or progress. Students are encouraged to help teachers with secretarial task such as shredding documents, stapling documents, organzining files or other office-type work. Other work experience could include washing uniforms for coaches, cleaning tables in the cafeteria, or maintaining the campus by picking up trash or working on the landscaping. “Other ideas are welcome, but we want to have a commitment that they can do regularly,” resource teacher Jamie Bunting said.

Students will be getting paid for the work performed on campus.

¨We are given a chance to help those in need and have been given a great opportunity,¨ Mrs. Bunting said.

The new program is an opportunity for these students to figure out what they might want to do in the future, and it gives them work experiences.

¨It can help them with life after high school,” Mrs. Bunting said.

Mrs. Bunting works with the student and believes the new program will help students by teaching them different job skills.

“We bring in different people from the community to show students how to access the resources in our community like policemen, fireman, and also teaches them how to set up their homes and apartments after high school,” Mrs. Bunting said.

The program helps with not only with their future but with their skills. They can learn as they work and become better at it. The students will practice communication skills with others.

The purpose of this program is to become successful in the future for themselves.

“This will transition our special need students to life after Har-Ber High and make them successful after in life,¨ Mrs. Bunting said.