The Sally Factor

Amanda Thattanakham, Business Manager

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Friday nights are synonymous with bright lights, football, the upbeat band, and the roaring student section. Found leading the student section is the Blue Crew, a club for the most dedicated, pepped up students. Of those dedicated students is senior Sally Roach, who can be found dressed all out for each theme and keeping the student section engaged. Roach spends her school days juggling her graphic design projects and leading the student section on Friday nights, all while clad in denim and with a space bun hairdo  that matches her energetic personality.

“Leading the student section is one of my favorite experiences that I’ve gotten to be a part of. I’m all about feeling high on life and embracing the moment,” Roach said. “It’s intoxicating to be in front of that many people- in front of all of your peers. It’s crazy to think about because you realize that you’re making memories right now that you’ll look back on in a couple weeks, a couple months, and hopefully a couple years and look back and say that these were the golden years.”

Roach’s personality is evident in her work as well as how she represents herself. Roach is an experienced thrifter, and can often be found sporting her favorite fabric, denim, with wild curls to compliment her spirited personality.

“I’ve always been super artistic- my mom is and her mom was too. I’ve always been a free spirit, just flowing from thing to thing. I have always loved art and expressing myself through different mediums,” Roach said.

Since the sixth grade, Roach has expressed her entrepreneurial skills and combined them with her natural creativity through creating and selling products. From selling scarves in the middle school product market to making customized buttons to fund her field trips to compete on national levels, Roach has managed to monetize her creativity.

“I have an appreciation for art and beauty, and to think that I can create beautiful things is what inspires me on a day to day basis,” Roach said.

Roach plans on continuing her education after high school at Harding University, hoping for a full ride scholarship based on her academics and leadership skills, where she plans on majoring in business administration or advertising.

“I want to be in the creative market, but I really like to be in charge of people. I feel like I perform best in a leadership role,” Roach said.

When not at school, working on projects for clubs, or leading the student section, Roach spends her free time with her family and her youth group. Roach prides herself in her strong faith.  

“My main goal in my life, no matter what I’m doing, is to reflect Jesus Christ. I want to set an example by living by His example and I hope that everything I do points back to Him,” Roach said.

Senior class president, an avid student council member, Blue Crew leader, and the “Jean Queen,” Roach is a staple in a plethora of clubs, but she doesn’t want to be defined by any one role.

“I would rather be defined by the person I am, my character towards people, and my actions. Love, but also respect everyone. I never want to condemn someone, because I don’t agree with what they think,” Roach said. “I strive to be a kind person not only to those close to me, but to everyone. That is something I live by.”

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