The Kinlee Factor: Nalley shares fashion inspiration

Holland Primm, Editor in Chief

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Standing among a maze of hanging clothes, junior Kinlee Nalley surveys her options, searching for the trendiest items. Upon finding a combination of pieces that she likes, she tries them on together, snaps pictures at various settings around town, and uploads them to her fashion account on Instagram.

“My goal for the account was to build a portfolio and get followers,” Nalley said.

Nalley is known widely for her unique style and clothing choices, as she pushes the standards of a normal high school wardrobe and reaches for uncommon pieces to wear daily. Due to this love of fashion, Nalley decided to create an Instagram account, called @thegoldcobblestone, specifically for her looks, so that others could look at her outfits and use them for their own inspiration.

“I started my fashion Instagram at the beginning of the summer to get out into the fashion world and share the ideas I have,” Nalley said.

Nalley utilizes her Instagram to share with her followers all of her favorite current and upcoming trends.

“I show outfits I put together or things I recommend to wear for upcoming seasons,” Nalley said.

Though her looks are all vastly different, Nalley believes in using timeless pieces and pairing them with unexpected, eccentric garments and accessories.

“I would describe my style as classy-chic and fun,” Nalley said. “My favorite looks are skinny jeans with a funky shirt and heels or my thigh-high boots with jean shorts and a cute shirt.”

Along with the Instagram account, Nalley also hopes to create a fashion blog, in which she can go into depth of her favorite trends, brands, and pieces.

“I just have an Instagram right now, but I plan to eventually start a blog,” Nalley said. “I plan to use it to promote my fashion and designs.”

Nalley’s presence on social media is not singularly for the purpose of showing her followers what she likes to wear. Her ultimate goal is to use it to help further her career in the fashion industry in the future.

“My goal for the account was to build a portfolio for colleges and internships and get followers. My plan for college is to go to the U of A and major in marketing and minor in fashion apparel, and get an internship with a local store to learn the process,” Nalley said.

Her college education and her internship will give her the experience that she needs to carry out the career that she dreams of.

“For a career, I want to go into marketing and fashion apparel, which would be owning a business and designing clothes,” Nalley said.

To recreate Nalley’s styles, visit her favorite boutiques, Savior-Faire or Mason’s, and follow her at her account, which has 250 followers and counting.

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The Kinlee Factor: Nalley shares fashion inspiration