Digital ID’s?

Chase Strickland, Sports Editor

March 30, 2018

Did you know that if you’re pulled over while on the street by an officer of the law, if you do not have your license with you then all you have to  do is display to the officer a picture of your license that clearly states who you are and that you are driving legally? This digital copy can serve as a convenient substitut...

See Something, Say Something

Heidi Phanvogkham, Reporter

March 30, 2018

The police was given a notice about Nikolas Cruz 39 times over a 7 year period. The FBI was tipped off twice. On February 14th, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 staff and students in Parkland, Florida while authorities were tipped off on January 5th by a woman who was worried he was able to slip into the school with the weapons he had....

Can One be “Good” Without God?

Jackson Williams, Reporter

March 5, 2018

The only reason people believe in any form of sovereign omnipotent being is to gain a false sense of moral objectivity. The idea of a God aids people who cant handle the fact that objective morals don’t exist. Even if one was to claim that there are objective morals entailed in the bible, one must pass through the inevitabl...

Love Yourself

Chase Strickland, Sports

February 8, 2018

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many individuals find themselves facing the same dilemma. Many people find themselves single around this time of the year. To some it’s no big deal, however, to others it creates this feeling of loneliness. A feeling of neglect, desertion, or possibly even rejection. And for those few that do feel ...

Baker Mayfield on a disappointing path

Halle Roberts, Features Editor

February 5, 2018

With a total of 4,627 total passing yards, 43 passing touchdowns, and winner of the Heisman this past college football season, Oklahoma Sooner quarterback Baker Mayfield has made quite the name for himself. Leading the Sooners to the college playoffs, Mayfield went through a series of controversy. As a star on one of the best co...


February 5, 2018

The most common connotation about makeup is that all girls only wear it because they’re insecure and don’t like how they look. I know there’s probably many differing opinions regarding makeup, whether that’s thinking it’s bad because it makes you look fake, or that it’s something that’s always a part of every girl’s...


Maggie McDonald, Editor

February 5, 2018

Lately, I  feel like there’s so much pressure to have your life together. To make sure that no one sees the broken mosaic inside of you that you have no idea how to fix. When people ask how your day is going, you smile and respond “Good, how’s yours?” without giving it a second thought. There can be a deeper meaning b...

View from the Cloud

Hunter Cloud, Sports Editor

May 10, 2017

Each day I glance over at the clock, the minutes tick off faster than before, and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it. My career as a highschool student started with the clock as I raced against it each day trying to improve my running abilities. I traveled to Dallas, St. Louis, Memphis, and Colorado to compete in race...

Growing up, moving on

Payton Primm, News Editor

May 10, 2017

It is a warm Saturday afternoon in May and we sit on a log by the lake, watching the water swirl into loose waves at the mercy of the wind. Your short blonde curls surrender to the rhythm of the wind as well, and the bow in your hair matches your outfit perfectly. In fact, your bow matches my clothes too. We are dressed ident...

Medical Marijuana: The fear of a name

Riley Neil, Features Editor

February 17, 2017

“Fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself.” The quote written by J.K Rowling expresses the argument of medical marijuana today. Although the quote is being used to describe an evil wizard, the idea is still valid and comes to play into American politics today. Medical marihuana: one of the main topics of ...


Caroline Cain, A&E editor

February 17, 2017

I lie in my bed and tug the covers further up over my head. My phone continues to buzz on my bedside table and I contemplate the ultimate question: “Is the attendance incentive really worth losing some extra hours of sleep?” Free days dance through my mind but extra minutes of sleep fight against them. The idea of p...

Ashley Judd Speech

Ashton Moreland, Reporter

February 16, 2017

Pink hats and cardboard signs decorate the space above impassioned faces huddled together against the cold, all awaiting one woman to appear onstage and voice their cries of injustice and yearn for change. Every person of every color, body type, age, size, sexuality, and place of origin can be found in this crowd, and they a...

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