China rounds up Muslim minority groups

November 11, 2019

Uighurs a Muslim minority group, are being rounded up and placed in internment camps or what the Chinese call “thought transformation camps. Reminisent of Nazi Germany, these places are not what the Chinese claim them to be. Within these facilities, Uighurs are expected to deny their religious beliefs and profess complete loya...

Are grades a true reflection of effort?

November 11, 2019

The entire purpose of a public school education is to broaden our concepts and understanding of the world, and how to function within it. Then there is the concept of grades, which in theory, should depict our understanding of the material, as well as our ability to retain knowledge. With this in mind, if grades are meant to...

Lack of public transportation in America

November 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without a car? How would you get to school or work? Living in an area like Northwest Arkansas, that would be impossible. Around the world, people depend on public transportation every day. Public transportation is far cheaper than owning a car, and in some cases more convenie...

DEBATE: Springdale declared pro-life


October 1, 2019

AGAINST- Springdale, Arkansas has become the first ever city in the state of Arkansas to be declared as pro-life. The resolution by the city council basically states that Springdale wants to value human life at every stage and hold any individual’s right to life at the highest value. Now this resolution holds no order, m...

Hong Kong citizens fight for rights


October 1, 2019

In Hong Kong, a “special administrative region” of the People’s Republic of China, mass protests have been occurring since March 2019. The movement started with a proposal for the Fugitive Offenders Amendment Bill, which would have given Hong Kong the right to etradite criminals to mainland China for sentencing. In respon...

Upgraded pep rally leads to high expectations

Upgraded pep rally leads to high expectations

October 1, 2019

Pep rallies are something I myself only view as an excuse for coming late to class and getting to se...

LGBT+ lacks representation in Arkansas


October 1, 2019

Time to sway that flag.  On Aug. 12, Illinois signed House Bill 246 into law, making it the fourth state to make it mandatory to teach LGBT+ history. The first three states were California in 2011, followed by New Jersey and Colorado in early 2019. When these laws go into effect next year, a majority of schools in these states...

Split fourth period poses unfair advantage


October 1, 2019

9:32 a.m, 11:04 a.m, and 3:08 p.m, the strangest possible times for a class period to end. While the new schedule changes make the bell schedule both awkward and harder to memorize, it brings drastically bigger problems as well. Excluding the time of the passing period, lunches have been shortened to 25 minutes long. This poses ...

Dress code enforced for a better education


October 1, 2019

The dress code has been a big issue at Har-Ber for years. Students don’t think that dress code is necessary, but it is a way of life. You will have a dress code everywhere you go. Whether it’s your job or Walmart, you still have to dress a certain way. Same with school, you have to dress in a way that is conducive to a...

‘Call-Out Culture’

Jackson Williams and Dain Houts

May 3, 2019

FOR - DAIN HOUTS What is “call-out culture”? “Call-out culture” is a social phenomenon which is when someone calls you out publicly. It is typically on social media, and it involves things that you’ve done in the past or are currently doing. What “call-out culture” provides is justice to people who ...

Rule changes weaken the tough sport

Halle Roberts, Editor

May 2, 2019

Recently the NFL, National Football League, has made rule changes to one of the most televised games in the United States. The game is now much stricter on roughing the passer, and you can’t put full weight on the tackle, so how do you determine? The defense can’t hit in the head, any contact is a penalty, hit them lo...

New lunch schedule means less time to eat

Kayla Rushton, Reporter

May 2, 2019

Lunches will be shorter next. The school is working on a new lunch schedule for the next school year. Right now everyone has a whole class period for lunch. The plan for next year’s lunches is to still have three but only 30 minutes long. The first lunch will go to lunch before fourth period. The second lunch will go ...

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