When will parents relinquish control of our opinions?

Staff Writer,

December 20, 2018

Parents make rules, and expect their children to follow them, regardless of what subject matter they may address or the effects that they may have. In some cases the rules are meant strictly to protect the child such as imposing a curfew or limiting a range of travel. While Children may protest these executive decisions they ...

Hear Us Roar

Hear Us Roar

December 5, 2018

“Big time players, make big time plays, in big time games.”--14-year veteran of the NFL, Santana Mos...

Hurricane of emotions

Katherine Carson, Online Editor

November 1, 2018

Watching the news as Hurricane Michael hit is a nightmare. Seeing the rubble of places that I love to visit, destroyed is devastating. Thinking of my family who are trapped is crippling. I honestly didn't even know a hurricane was tearing through the Gulf Coast until I received a frantic call from my aunt. Port Saint Joe, a ...

Stricter gun laws needed

Matteo Campagnola, Reporter

October 30, 2018

America is a great country full of fast food, wonder, and happiness, but gun violence continues to be a persistent problem. America needs to have stricter background checks in order to obtain a firearm, and limit availability of military-grade weapons. The United States has the highest gun ownership rates in the world, and...

Senior season

Katherine Carson, Online Editor

October 9, 2018

Being called a senior, the word feels foreign. My entire life I have viewed seniors as people who appears so old, so wise, and yet now that I have earned the title, I feel lost holding it. Seeing the kids I have grown up with in caps and gowns, they appear to be children trying on their parents clothes instead of someone who ...

The dehumanization of organization

Kayla Rushton

October 2, 2018

Coming in as a Sophomore from Southwest, lanyards are something I had never worn before. I knew I would have to adapt to wearing a lanyard everyday. I really didn’t want to wear one. According to Mr. Scott, they are “simply for identification purposes. We have to know everyone who walks into our building, it’s a safety ...

My America stands on its own

Katherine Carson, Online Editor

September 11, 2018

At 10 a.m. head football coach Chris Wood’s voice booms throughout the halls. He tells students of upcoming tryouts for various teams and academic opportunities. With students only vaguely listening, the time ticks on. However when his words instruct that all students stand for the pledge of allegiance to honor those who h...

Red faces in a sea of blue shirts

Red faces in a sea of blue shirts

September 4, 2018

I look westward to the colosseum of football and I am nearly blinded, falling to my knees onto the we...

Safety Rocks!

Maggie McDonald, Editor

March 30, 2018

A recent addition to classrooms in the Blue Mountain School District in  Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania was implemented by superintendent David Helsel. Each classroom in the district now has a five-gallon bucket filled to the brim with hefty river stones. These will be used in self-defense against potential intruders, armed or n...

Digital ID’s?

Chase Strickland, Sports Editor

March 30, 2018

Did you know that if you’re pulled over while on the street by an officer of the law, if you do not have your license with you then all you have to  do is display to the officer a picture of your license that clearly states who you are and that you are driving legally? This digital copy can serve as a convenient substitut...

See Something, Say Something

Heidi Phanvogkham, Reporter

March 30, 2018

The police was given a notice about Nikolas Cruz 39 times over a 7 year period. The FBI was tipped off twice. On February 14th, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 staff and students in Parkland, Florida while authorities were tipped off on January 5th by a woman who was worried he was able to slip into the school with the weapons he had....

Can One be “Good” Without God?

Jackson Williams, Reporter

March 5, 2018

The only reason people believe in any form of sovereign omnipotent being is to gain a false sense of moral objectivity. The idea of a God aids people who cant handle the fact that objective morals don’t exist. Even if one was to claim that there are objective morals entailed in the bible, one must pass through the inevitabl...

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