Singing lights out

Bailey Hopkins, Reporter

October 5, 2018

Every Monday afternoon, around 7:00 pm, sounds of melody and harmony can be heard slipping through the cracked door of room E101. This is when the choral elite and Har-ber’s finest singers gather weekly to rehearse for future performances, and congregate in a shared camaraderie based on a love of vocal music and excellence w...

The Alejandro Factor

The Alejandro Factor

March 5, 2018

A young 5th grade boy, sweaty and tired, was pulled aside by his coaches to be told how he had  the pot...

Boys Basketball Team Participates in Diversity Parade

Heidi Phanvongkham, Reporter

February 9, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Day impacted not only the Springdale community, but  Fayetteville as well. Downtown Springdale recently hosted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade & Unity Celebration on January 15th. Springdale celebrated his legacy by walking from Parsons Stadium (Rodeo of the Ozarks) to Emma Avenue and Luth...

The Frazier Factor

The Frazier Factor

February 5, 2018

Josh Frazier, who is a former Har-Ber high student, now plays as a defensive lineman for the Alabama Crimson...

Student finds love, acceptance in his community

Riley Neil, Features Editor

May 10, 2017

Born biologically as a girl, junior Seth Wirtz was always considered a “tomboy” as a kid. He played with dinosaurs in the dirt, and never played with the Barbies that his sister did. Always wearing masculine clothes and keeping his hair short as he got older, he realized something was not right. Once puberty hit in sixth ...

extracurricular activites require dedicated hours outside of school

Malorie Wiederkehr, Review Editor

February 22, 2017

After finally getting home from an exhausting yet productive debate session at ten o’clock, junior Andrew Wiederkehr throws his backpack on the ground and passes out on the couch without even making it to his bed. Activities, clubs, associations and other academic opportunities fill the building at all times during the...

EAST puts on pageant for young girls

Caroline Cain, A&E editor

February 22, 2017

Junior Peyton Wilson thinks back to when she was in fifth grade and recalls her vision being flooded by bright lights as she stepped up on stage to compete for the title of Miss HBHS. Rehearsed answers flooded through young Wilson’s mind as the host rattled off questions for the line of girls. “I remember having a lot ...

Coach Viera

Hunter Cloud, Sports Editor

February 17, 2017

It is the year 1965. Out on the open ocean, the eyes of a little boy look out and see nothing but blue, unable to see the land he once called home. Night falls over the raft and over the group of Cubans trying to make it to America. The next morning he hears the cries of families who realized some of their members had fal...

Brittan Wittschen

Emma Kate Bockelman, Reporter

February 17, 2017

As 6th grader, Brittan Wittschen walks back into his grandma's house on Christmas Eve, his sister, senior, Micah Wittschen runs up to him and says “Britt! You’re on Rihanna's instagram page!” He immediately checks his phone to see it for himself. He goes to type Rihanna's username in the search bar with heart pounding ...

Write On: Students’ express creativity through fiction writing

Riley Neil, Features Editor

December 8, 2016

It all started with a blank Microsoft Word document and a few cool fonts on a bulky 2008 computer that got senior Andrew Gillihan into creative writing. He had wanted to try out all the different fonts, so he started messing around and typing out words. His messing around soon turned into him actually writing something real...

The Sally Factor

Amanda Thattanakham, Business Manager

December 8, 2016

Friday nights are synonymous with bright lights, football, the upbeat band, and the roaring student section. Found leading the student section is the Blue Crew, a club for the most dedicated, pepped up students. Of those dedicated students is senior Sally Roach, who can be found dressed all out for each theme and keeping the ...

The Leandro Factor: student models perservance and the American Dream

Riley Neil, Features Editor

December 8, 2016

Senior Leandro Munoz-Lazo stands in front of his Theater III class, and having completely memorized a monologue, loses himself into his character. He is confident with his speaking and draws the attention of his classmates. Looking at Munoz-Lazo, one could never guess that back in 2008 he knew not one person in the country, ...

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