Out with the old and in with the new

Chloe Mangham, Opinion Editor

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As you scroll through the never-ending void of movies and shows that Netflix contains, you  look for that one movie that has always been there but you’ve never watched. As the search draws on into a 10 minute expedition you give up, using the search bar in the corner. You type in the title and the little box pops up with “matches not found”. It’s not there, you swore it was there just last week. A rush of defeat washes over you as you realize, Netflix’s monthly removal finally got to this one movie.
Netflix, was made with every type of person in mind. A source of entertainment for all those with time on their hands and a love for film. Every month Netflix removes a handful of movies and shows and adds new ones. This is due to licensing agreements with the content providers, a contract agreeing to the permission for them [Netflix] to add their show also comes with an expiration date of sorts. When that date comes, the show or movie is removed.

“Just now Netflix added a show called X-Rated, it’s basically just ‘adult stuff’ everywhere. I know that Netflix is trying to appeal more towards adults but I think they should realize five year olds get on there [Netflix]”, senior Brenna (need to lookup last name spelling) said.

Some viewers find removal of films unnecessary, many believe that the purpose of Netflix is to have it’s options continue growing as more and more films come out. However, a majority just doesn’t really care what comes and goes, as long as their favorites stick around.

“I don’t think that shows should be removed necessarily, I mean, if I don’t like a show, I’m not going to watch it”, sophomore Sophia Mangham said.

This month you will only see a small amount of titles leaving, yet, many of these titles are really popular. You will see shows like Chowder, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Uncle Grandpa leaving November 24th. Leaving with those cartoons, the film The Boxtrolls will also be leaving on the 23rd. So, watch them while you can!

Along with all these titles many more will be added. Look out for films and shows like K-POP Extreme Survival, Paddington, and the live-action release of The Jungle Book. Since this is one of the holiday months, many Christmas and holiday related shows/movies are being added as well. For the month of November you will mostly see Christmas specials of Thomas the Train, something more for the younger audience.

Recently many Netflix original series have been sparking interests and a following. Shows like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black have been taking social media by storm. Netflix doesn’t only do live action tv shows and films, it also does anime. Netflix has come out with popular animes like Knights of Sidonia, along with live-action japanese dramas. Netflix has such a range of films that anyone could find a series to binge watch.

“Currently I’ve really been into binge watching the anime The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix basically everyday”, junior Jose Ninche said.

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Out with the old and in with the new