iPhone 6 drop kicks the iPhone 5

The iPhone Air doesn’t have quite the same familiar ring to it as the numbered name all of the previous iPhone models possess; however, rumors of the iPhone 6 or “iPhone Air” release and its new features have spread like wildfire, suggesting a game-changing revolution in the tech world.

According to a survey of 4,109 U.S. consumers, by Change Wave Research, the iPhone 6 is the most anticipated Apple product yet. Although the latest iPhone 5s is a mere six months old, rumor has it that the latest iPhone will be released during September like its predecessors.

Similar to the release of the iPhone 5c following the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 will have a second model released between October and December, but the new device will exhibit a notable change in size rather than color. The first of the 6 models is speculated to measure at 4.7 inches and be 26% thinner, according to the International Business Times, and reflect like dimensions to those of the Samsung Galaxy and Nexus 5.

A change in size for the new iPhone was more than expected with the rise in its heated competition with Samsung and Android devices, but if the new developments in Apple technology prove true, the next generation of iPhone will take things to a whole new level. Although they’re not definite features, a report by Mac Rumors revealed that the new iPhone would include a new version of iOS programming, flexible touchscreen panels and a solar charging system that will enhance the device’s durability and energy storage.

To accomplish these enhancements, Apple has developed Sapphire display that will provide a more scratch resistant surface for the screen, as well as improved image quality and battery efficiency with a resolution of 1704 x 960.

With the improved resolution, a new image stabilization that captures multiple photos at once to create a “super resolution” camera, whereas normal hardware was limited in the definition it offered.

Not only will the screen and camera evolve, but, according to gottabemobile.com, the power button is going to move to the right side of the phone and the volume and home bezels will be skinnier and elongated.

Even though these features are not definite, the rumored advancements Apple is applying to the next generation of the iPhone will bring a new level of technological excellency in the smart phone world.