‘Faces’ receives nothing but love

“We are on the same trip carrying different baggage.”
A line like this from Mac Miller’s newly released “Faces” instantly pulls me into his latest mixtape. This mixtape came out on Mother’s Day 2014.

“Faces” was free when it became available on the website: oldjewish.com. When a Mac Head arrived to the site, the instructions clearly said do not download music hungry. Everyone got to make a virtual sandwich. After submitting your stacked bread, meats, cheeses and pickles, then the latest Miller mixtape downloaded to your computer.

Mac Miller’s fresh-to-the-music market mix is out for any listener to develop his or her own opinion. After listening to what seems like a constant loop, I have only positive remarks towards “Faces.”

Nothing is more pleasing than listening to an artist whose sound and voice continues to develop as they go. His first sounds have definitely taken a round trip through space to get to where he is currently. Compared to Mac’s old songs, a listener can hear Mac’s thoughtfulness in his latest music, which contradicts Easy Mac’s young style. All of his music mentions a variety of drugs, however, this new mix offers a new weirdness in Mac, but listeners appreciated this strangeness.

Looking back, Mac has traveled a long road that he and the Most Dope crew built. Through them alone you can see Miller’s success rocket from a high school student selling mixtapes, to a bearded millionaire.

The lines, “I did it without a Drake feature” and “I did it without a Jay feature” are both from the second song on the mixtape “Here We Go.” Adding these lines, Mac says a lot about his self-journey, life in the spotlight.

The mixtape has 24 songs on it, so listen requires a commitment to overview every single one. The song “Colors and Shapes” is Miller’s song that creates the psychedelic feel the title foreshadows. “Insominak” is best song on the mixtape. The mix up of tunes and lyrics Miller provides in this song is full of beats, a bumping song.

Another great song is “San Francisco.” Any song that has a story is interesting to jam to and with an unimaginable story line the song ‘San Francisco’ is one Miller deserves to take a bow for. The song “55,” the 15th song on the mixtape is a soothing instrumental that is easy to fall in love with.

No hate, just love spills out for Mac Miller and his pleasing new mixtape. The songs are each included on my phone’s music selection. As I praise “Faces,” I encourage others to share my enjoyment, as they indulge into Miller’s twist on the mind’s course as he spits and sings out new thoughts.