Will releases first EP of career

Senior Lindsay Will released her long awaited and highly anticipated, self- titled EP. When I say highly anticipated, I mean people were waiting to see if on her race to stardom, would she come out on top or crash and burn. I was amongst those anxious students just waiting and hoping my ears would be filled with sounds of pure talent and success.

On Will’s EP there are three songs named “With My Eyes Closed,” “Sapphire Lies,” and “Like the Winter Snow”. Now while listening to each song, my emotions toward them varied, so I feel that it’s best for me to go through them one at time.

On her first record, “With My Eyes Closed,” the intro gave me chills, as the melody of the guitar brought back warm memories of summer. Images of riding in the car with the windows down, blasting music at ungodly levels, as my anticipation grew higher and higher the closer I got to the lake. As I drift further and further into this nostalgic memory that I hold so closely to my heart, I’m awakened by the voice of what sounds like a mixture of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Susan Boyle all wrapped up into one.

I assume Will wants to be a country singer, but in her first track, it felt like she was trying just a little too hard to make that obvious. Her voice went through a series of raspy falsettos, blurred country accents, and cracks. She tries to sound too much like someone she isn’t, which makes the overall track very uncomfortable to listen to.

Her second record, “Sapphire Lies,” Is about a guy who goes around being a womanizer, kissing all of the girls and breaking hearts. Not Will’s though. In this track, she’s speaking out about the boy and what he put her though. She seems to be trying to make it clear to him that she’s doing just fine without him, and he can basically kick rocks as far as she’s concerned. I really enjoyed the lyrics in this song. It made me want to let down my windows and flip off every guy who was unlucky enough to be driving near me. Again, her vocals were not the best. It’s like she’s still searching for her own sound. Even still, I would much rather listen to that song than the first one.

Will’s final record on her EP is “Like the Winter Snow.” Now from the title, I expected this song to be about some kind of wintertime romance. I was right. This song makes me want to go to a party in a cabin surrounded by snow somewhere in Colorado and find me a hot piece of tail and have some type of fairytale night with him. The beat drowned out her voice, making it hard for me to understand her, but other than that, I really enjoyed the song.

Overall, I was really disappointed in her performance on this album. I got caught up in the crowd of groupies waiting to hear her amaze us with her talent. She’s a good storyteller, but her voice wasn’t as strong as I thought it should have been for her first EP. She has enormous potential, but she needs to establish her own vocal style rather than trying to sound like those in the mainstream. If not, she’s going to end up being a one-hit wonder before she even has an ac