Spring Breakers: trashy yet intriguing

Spring Breakers is a trashy, yet somewhat intriguing film directed by Harmony Korine. The movie follows four college girls (ex-Disney sweethearts Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson, and a unheard of actress Rachel Korine, the director’s wife) and their party and drug-filled Spring Break in Florida.

This movie has countless trashy and inappropriate scenes, but then there were a few well-placed scenes and characters that will intrigue you enough to follow through.

The movie starts off with an almost five minute long montage of people partying on the beach, clothing optional. You’re then showed the girl’s boring college life. Gomez’s character, Faith, is the one character that intrigued me the most. A Christian girl hanging out with three other drug addicted party girls just didn’t seem right to me.

The first sign that this movie was crazier than I expected is when Candy (Hudgens), Brit (Benson), and Cotty (Korine) rob a diner with squirt guns in order to afford their Spring Break trip. I mean seriously how did they 1) have the guts and brains to do that and 2) how did they actually get away with it?

Next you’re wisked back into the beach party montage, except this time with the girls in it. And just as you’re getting bored and offended with the movie, the girls are arrested. Concerned with the outcome, you are wrapped back up in the movie.

James Franco then makes his appearance as the drug lord/gangster who calls himself “Alien” who bails the girls out of jail.

The movie then takes a turn for the worst. Faith leaves Florida after finally reaching her limit, taking any innocence this movie might have with her.

The film only continues to get crazier, trashier, and more inappropriate from there, from an ongoing fight with an opposing drug lord to an awkward ménage-à-trois. Missing the end of the movie would only benefit your mentality.

Benson, Hudgens, and Gomez set out to change their good-girl, Disney images and that’s one thing they successfully did. They also were successful in acting, they convinced me that their characters were crazy, unless they actually are.

If there’s one thing this movie is, is memorable. I still get neon flashbacks to the bikini-filled parties on the beach. As inappropriate as this movie was, I can’t say it was bad or that I didn’t like it, but I’m not sure I can say I liked it either.