Rockwell’s timeless work on display at Crystal Bridges

What would you rather? Quantity or quality? The artist Norman Rockwell supplies the desires of both. This New York City native artist was once the well-known artist for the cover of “Saturday Evening Post.” Crystal Bridges specifically displays 50 original paintings and 323 “Saturday Evening Post” originals from Rockwell. If that collection of artwork still isn’t enough, the Bentonville museum displays some of Rockwell’s famous war bond advertisement posters.

Rockwell died late in the year of 1978, but his beautiful art is still here to be enjoyed. I find many words to describe Rockwell’s art: creative, entertaining, original, timeless. Above all I find Rockwell’s pieces of art completely life-like. The detail Rockwell put into his artwork is clear. Just by looking at one of many of Rockwell’s pieces, you can see how he mastered the art of capturing life on canvas.

Along with being a famous artist, America should recognize Rockwell as a hero. His war bond advertisement posters raised over $130 million in war effort. That is a lot of stacks going just towards the war America was fighting.

A Norman Rockwell museum is located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. But by the luck of the stars, you won’t have to travel all the way up north just to enjoy Rockwell’s art. Crystal Bridges had an American Chronicles special featuring the artwork of the one and only.

From March 9-27 anyone can drive to Bentonville for a small price to visit the Rockwell masterpieces. For visitors under the age of 18, admission is free, so no worries. For those visitors over the age of 18, admission is $12.

In all I completely enjoyed my trip to Crystal Bridges Museum to see Norman Rockwell’s artwork. I suggest that all go as well, art-junkie or not. When you  go, please remember to spit out your gum. The Crystal Bridges’s employees frown upon that and will force you spit your gum out.