New TV show, ‘The Bible’ shines

I always got bored at church when our preacher would give his long, intense opening speeches, and who wouldn’t sit there and text or twiddle their thumbs? I often found myself hunched over against the wall in the corner of the pews, trying to fall asleep.

I never had much interest in the Bible nor hardly any understanding of it no matter how many versions I read. I would see a church commercial on T.V. and instantly comment to myself, “Oh God, He’s EVERYWHERE!”, and proceed to flipping the channel.

One Sunday evening while sitting at home, I came across an interesting “theatre play,” or so I thought it was, on my television. I found myself becoming so enveloped in the “play” that my mouth was constantly agape. When the commercial for the end of the scene appeared, it was shockingly named “The Bible.” I thought, “Really? This is the Bible?.” This was WAY more interesting than the book or church.

I became instantly addicted, flipping to the History Channel 45 minutes before the show was due to come on. I would laugh, cry, and scream in rage at the characters so much that it concerned my grandparents as to what I was watching. I didn’t care what was going on or what chores I had to do; I was going to watch this episode from start to finish, then cry about it afterwards.

I understood so much more from this T.V. show than I ever have from the book itself, and I have a true joy for it that I am happy to admit. This show first began on March 3rd of this year and was created by Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey, (who plays Mary in the T.V. show). “The Bible” continues a different chapter each Sunday at 8 p.m. on the History Channel.

Though this T.V. show consists of only ten hours of filming, it will be well worth your time to watch. Prepare yourself, for within the first 15 minutes you will have side effects such as uncontrollable tears, screaming, and intense pillow ripping.