‘iCarly’ finishes with an iGoodbye

Carly, Freddy, Sam, Gibby, and Spencer, characters of the Nickelodeon series “iCarly,” have been a friend to many on the long boring days in which T.V. was used to fill the empty space.

A dull moment never presents itself with this dynamic cast of characters. Carly’s want to be friends with Sam and Freddy, Sam’s violent nature, Freddy’s ability to aggravate Sam, Spencer’s childish way, Gibby’s habit of not wearing a shirt, and odd characters like T-Bow make the show unforgettable.

Sadly, all good things have to come to and end, and now would be “iCarly’s” time.

The final episode, “iGoodbye,” added a new character just before the series ended. Spencer and Carly’s dad, a character who has been previously mentioned, but never seen appears.

Carly used to attend the Air Force’s father-daughter dance with her dad, but she had not been over the last four years. Due to an age limit, this year’s dance would be the last she could attend.

When Carly calls her dad, he explains that he will not be able to make it. This sends Carly into a minor depression. Spencer and Carly’s friends hate seeing her like this, which creates the plot for the rest of the show.

Scenes like Gibby protecting a weasel, Sam encountering a delicate biker, and Spencer falling all over the apartment sick lead up to the surprise arrival of Spencer and Carly’s dad, just in time for the dance.

When Carly and her father return from the dance, Carly and Spencer quickly make plans for the time they assume their father has before he has to head back to Italy.

I was stunned when he asks Carly to move to Italy with him. I understood why she would say yes, but I never imagined she would leave without Spencer.

The last episode is full of joy and sadness, as well as some comedic relief. I find it amazing how a show can cause you to be so attached. Watching Carly and Sam go down the elevator together and Freddy closing the door to Carly and Spencer’s apartment for the last time brought a tear to my eye.

I realized how long the show had been on when it showed Freddy, Sam, Carly, and Spencer having flashbacks to the first few episodes. They reflect upon all the good times they shared and all the crazy stuff they put out on the website for everyone to see.

For five seasons on Nickelodean, I’ve wished for Gibby to become my boyfriend. The series end, this breakup, will leave an empty place in my heart.