‘Breaking Dawn-Part 2’ comes to a mind blowing conclusion

The Twilight Saga finally came to an astounding conclusion with “Breaking Dawn-Part 2”. With author of the series, Stephanie Meyer, as a producer, the fifth and final installment was released Nov. 15.

In this final film, Bella begins her new life as a vampire alongside her husband Edward, daughter Renesmee, the Cullen family, her best friend Jacob, and the rest of the wolf pack. When the Volturi threaten the life of their daughter, Bella and the rest of her crew gather allies from many different vampire clans, preparing for a final battle with the Volturi.

I absolutely loved this movie! Being a Twilight fan, I have seen the other four movies, more than once. This was my favorite one of all! It combined all of the perfect elements of a good movie: comedy, romance, action, and a scene that will leave you on the edge of your seat and a heart attack.

Bella, (Kristen Stewart), finally leaves behind the weak, defenseless human character to become the sexy, vixen fans have longed for since the first bite. I was never a big fan of Bella in the first three books or the first four movies, but after “Breaking Dawn-Part 2,” I have a whole new love for her character.

What I loved about the Twilight Saga movies, especially this one, are the characters. Between Bella, Edward, and Jacob, the movie has the perfect amount of love, drama, and humor. The acting, while at times extremely poor, was just enough to make the book come to life on the big screen.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Bella and Emmett, one of Edward’s adopted brothers, arm wrestle to test Bella’s new vampire powers. It helped to develop the characters, but also provided a bit of comic relief that had the entire audience chuckling.

While this saga has been criticized, I believe this conclusion helped to redeem itself. I recommend this movie to teenagers and adults looking for action, romance, comedy, and some good vampire/werewolf action.