L.U.V. Madonna? …not really

L.U.V. Madonna? ...not really

I have this weird thing where I generally don’t listen to music that was put out before I was born, so as far as staying in-the-know on all things Madonna… I usually just don’t care.  And to be honest, as this being the first real exposure to her, I wasn’t too impressed.

The duo-release of the single and the music video caught a lot of people on my Twitter feed by storm, so I eventually had to click on one of the many links being thrown at my face.

The song itself sounds okay between the poppy production but it honestly starts out with the more interesting parts, being the loud ““L.U.V. Madonna, Y.O.U. you wanna?” and then it falls apart with her weak and uncaptivating vocals. Also, why does she have a semi-british accent?

However, I will say that when Nicki Minaj showed up on the track to lay down her verse, the song itself became more interesting with a more grittier and digital backing.  Then it kind of fell apart again when Madonna attempted and failed to sing over some dub step(ish) bridge.  And then my favorite part (however it was totally almost out of place) when M.I.A. shows up to add some brand-name weirdness with some non-sense babble about the end of the world or something.  They should have expanded on it and given her a proper verse.

The rest of the song however? -sticks tongue out and makes farting noise-

As for the music video, ok.  It wasn’t really anything special other than a big promo for her upcoming (and anticlimactic) Super Bowl performance.  All she did was walk around while a big group of football players catered to her every need, like holding umbrellas above her head as golden showers rained from above. For the most part the video made me feel awkward watching a 53-year-old parade around, looking like she could use a couple Tylenol Arthritis.

Just like the song, the music video was given a couple seconds of reprieve from being dry (like Madonna’s face) and boring (like Madonna in general) when Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. appeared to contribute their numbers.

I also really love how Madonna can go into an interview, talk about how people just release crap now and how all female artist are copying her image that she left behind…then she goes and releases…this.