2015-2016 Staff

Amanda Thattanakham

A&E editor 2015-2016 ┬áBusiness Manager 2016-2017     I aspire to learn from my fellow staff members each and everyday. I hope to become a better writer through the Har-Ber Herald....

Ashton Moreland

Copy Editor 2015-2016, Managing Editor 2016-2017   Find me behind the camera or behind the scenes stirring up opinions and making people mad:)

Hunter Cloud

Reporter 2015-2016   Sports Editor 2016-2017   Sports is my passion. I eat, drink, and sleep sports. I want go to college and get a major in communications with a concentration in journalism. I will also pursue...

Holland Primm

Editor in Chief, 3rd year staff Opinion editor 2014-2015, Editor in Chief 2015-2017 I'm using my final year of editing The Herald to sharpen my skills and be better prepared to study journalism at the University of Arkansas,...

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