2016-2017 Staff

Caroline Cain

A&E Editor

Caroline Cain is a junior at Har-Ber. She is A&E section editor and was a reporter on staff last year. Her hobbies include writing, biking, and online shopping. She enjoys playing with dogs and eating brownies.  After h...

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Stefania Pasetto


I’m Stefania, I’m a junior and I’m an exchange student. I’m from a small city in Italy, near Milan. Sometimes, I like to go shopping there with my friends. I’m spending a year in Arkansas, thanks to my host parents and I...

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Riley Neil

Features editor

I have been apart of the Har-Ber Herald for about a year now. I now am the Features Editor and love getting to know more about the interesting people and events that happen around our school. I also love to write creatively i...

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Isaac Hannon

Survey Editor

Survey Editor 2016-2017 I am a junior and I am on the Har-Ber golf team. I would like to be an optometrist in the future and I love to watch High School and College Football!...

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Malorie Wiederkehr

Section editor

First year section editor     I’m excited to grow in my creative writing and interview skills.

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Olivia Stumbaugh


First year reporter When I am older I really want to be a broadcast journalist and be on the news, it has been  a lifelong passion of mine. I really love news and one day I hope to be like Meredith Vieira on the Today’s Sh...

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Kirsi Grafton


First Year Reporter   I am excited to be writing for the Har-Ber herald. I hope to expand my writing skills and learn more about the cool people and activities that go on in Har-Ber High!...

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Amanda Thattanakham

Business Manager

A&E editor 2015-2016  Business Manager 2016-2017     I aspire to learn from my fellow staff members each and everyday. I hope to become a better writer through the Har-Ber Herald....

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Ashton Moreland

Managing Editor

Copy Editor 2015-2016, Managing Editor 2016-2017   Find me behind the camera or behind the scenes stirring up opinions and making people mad:)

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Nathan Plowman

Copy Editor

Copy Editor, 1st year staff     I joined the newspaper staff to increase my writing skills and to fully immerse myself in the journalism world. I plan to double major in Journalism & film and minor in In...

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Will Crotts


1st year reporter   I hope to sharpen my skills at writing and pursue new experiences through the Har-Ber herald.

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Hunter Cloud

Sports Editor

Reporter 2015-2016   Sports Editor 2016-2017   Sports is my passion. I eat, drink, and sleep sports. I want go to college and get a major in communications with a concentration in journalism. I will also pursue...

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Emma Kate Bockelman


1st year reporter   I hope to grow in my writing skills and learn a lot from this new experience as a reporter for The Herald.

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Maggie Cebuhar


1st year reporter   hopes to learn a lot this year writing for The Herald. She aspires to improve her writing skills and learn how to interview people....

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Holland Primm


Editor in Chief, 3rd year staff Opinion editor 2014-2015, Editor in Chief 2015-2017 I'm using my final year of editing The Herald to sharpen my skills and be better prepared to study journalism at the University of Arkansas,...

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